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the other gifs about tae whining about his short hair are from the vcr they showed at the showcase, right? :)
"I thought my life ended."
When I was recruited, the other 7 members were all rappers, so among them I was the only one that majored in dancing. I felt like an ugly duckling among them, I couldn’t find a way to fit in. I didn’t want to win over them, it was more to just buck up and do my very best. I did my best at rapping just so that I could fit in with them. If they were doing some freestyle-raps, I would try and find the beat and follow along even if I was bad at it. I was scared being among them and I was worried. How can I rap like that?
As a maknae, which member takes care of you the most? Everyone takes care of me but if I must choose one… there are two. J-hope and Jimin! J-hope takes care of me since I was a trainee and we have many things in common. Jimin does too. We usually talk together many times. And he points out when I make mistakes and makes me smile when I’m in a bad mood.
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