Anonymous said:
idk if this is weird but I just discovered bts like I literally know nothing about them so can you help me out? like at least their names hahah :)xxx

it’s ok! i’ll just direct you to these posts made by awonder2big and cityinsurrender. these will definitely help you to know more about bts :)

also, some interviews you can read:
1. ize (rap monster, suga, j-hope | jin, v | jimin, jungkook)
2. ceci magazine
3. cuvism magazine
4. haru hana magazine (jin | suga | j-hope | rap monster | jimin | v | jungkook)
5. potato magazine
6. hanako magazine (rap monster, suga | j-hope, v | jin, jungkook | jimin)
7. ize magazine
8. bts profile (jin | suga | j-hope | rap monster | jimin | v | jungkook)
9. junon magazine

Anonymous said:
could you guys tell me what are ALL the songs by BTS? specially the unreleased, duos, covers and etc. thank you so much

i’m probably missing a few in this list k here it goes :)

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When I eat, I feel happy and everyone looks like angels. - Jin
Anonymous said:
hi! do you know of any good yoonmin fics or sites where i can read them? thanks!^^

the list is gonna be short cos i’ve only read a few bangtan fics but these are my favorites :)

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fave bts pairings: yoongi x jimin
↳ If you had to live on a non-inhabited island for 3 years, which member would you take with you? Jimin. So I can boss him around. I’m just kidding. I don’t talk much and I’m not funny, but Jimin is amiable and mature, so we match well.
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